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Blue Points not from Blue Point, New York? No Way!
An oyster may look or claim the part, but if it’s not from the Great South Bay, it’s simply not a true Blue Point oyster.

That’s because Blue Point is a specific place 60 miles east of New York City that produces the only oysters that yield the taste of Blue Point legend. The Great South Bay’s strong currents, abundance of algae and phytoplankton, select minerals and a long history of oyster growing expertise combine to produce an oyster impossible to duplicate.

So, it does matter where oysters come from. A Malpeque oyster is only from Prince Edward Island, Canada. A Wellfleet oyster is only from Wellfleet Harbor, Massachusetts, and a Hama Hama oyster is only from Hama Hama River, Washington.

And if it’s not from Great South Bay, New York,
It’s simply not a true Blue Point.
Get The Point!
Blue Points are from Blue Point, New York.
***Blue Point Oysters are one of the only food products produced in the United States that is protected by a designation of origin of law. Passed in 1908 to protect Blue Point oyster growers and consumers from fraud and menu misrepresentation it reads, “The only oysters that can be marketed, branded or sold as a Blue Point oyster are those that have been cultivated in the waters of the Great South Bay, New York.” N.Y. Environmental Conservation Law 13-0323 (McKinney 2007)